Lux Residential Warranty Program

"YOUR investment, YOUR future"


Proven member satisfaction
Ask any existing LRWP member for a referral, especially one who's been with another program.
Hundreds of professional business owners have found the changed to LRWP to be well worth the simple
Providing our members with integrity, trust and quality prompt service is not just unique to our industry
but at LRWP it is paramount.
Professional builders need a strong supportive team and LRWP want to be part of that team. That's why:

  • Our focus is member assistance not penalties
  • We share in the risk
  • Members are not outsiders, but part of our business
  • We provide the promptest most flexible service in Canada

Integrity of Members
Our lowest homeowner complaint rate is a clear indication of our quality membership and has assisted
LRWP to become recognized by industry for the quality and integrity of their members.

Ease of process
Unique to the industry ,is our quick, simple and effective registration of Builder Membership, Home
Registrations and Warranty transfers.

Your customer services
Builders can rest assured that their home owners will receive prompt quality service, with the industries
easiest access to free friendly assistance.

Free Foundation Water Penetration Warranty
LRWP has fostered an agreement with Delta MS to provide the industries only 8 yr limited Water
Penetration Warranty to Foundations walls for LRWP members only.

Extended Customer coverage Lower Builder cost and future Liability
By offering extended coverage directly to your clients, LRWP allows the builder to provide their
customers with the option of more warranty coverage in the future, paid directly by the homeowner
with no liability to the builder.

Member Integrity
Unique to the local industry. Our commitment to quality member service and coverage has awarded us
with member loyalty. LRWP members are not subject to any penalties or registration cancellations and
are free to change warranty providers at will.

Truth in advertising
In a world full of marketing spin, LRWPs frank promotion of the programs role and warranty coverage's
has been well received by both homeowners and builders alike. LRWP videos allows everyone to obtain
a clear and valuable understanding of the protections and coverage available.
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Proven satisfaction
Our lowest homeowner complaint rate is a clear indication of LRWP's success in qualifying professional
builder members and insuring members honor their warranty commitments.

Easiest access and Best quality service;
With just a click of the mouse, LRWP commitment to quality service provides homeowners the
industries promptest service through Canada's 1st Customer help request line with direct access to
certified technical staff.

Prompt no fee services:
Unique to this market LRWP has a no fee complaint inspection service during warranty year one.
And for Major Structural Coverage qualifications, again uniquely homeowners are not required to pay an
engineer, just click your mouse or call our technical staff.

Our first rule of order in consumer protection is taking steps to insure defects are prevented.
Our innovative and personal approach to builder membership plays a significant role in preventing
problems. Professional builders not only need the financial and technical ability, but also a quality
disposition towards consumer service and pride in workmanship. LRWP members are aware of these

Truth in advertising
All home warranty programs have limitations, but only LRWP makes the concerted effort to point out
these industry limitations so that consumers can best protect their investment. Subsequently we are
developing the online homeowner protection videos.

Warranty Coverage

  • First year builder workmanship & material guarantee.
  • Free first year dispute resolution.
  • Major Structure Defect coverage for 8 to 10 years
  • Foundation water penetration coverage for 8 to 10 yrs
  • Extended Home Owner Assistance Coverage
  • Unique to the industry LRWP has partnered with Trisura Insurance to provide homeowners
    extended warranty assistance coverage on hundreds of common housing components from roof
    leaks to interior plumbing . See for more details.

Lux Residential Warranty Program Inc. (LRWP) is recognized by CMHC for mortgage insurance purposes.



Lux Residential Warranty Program Inc. (LRWP) provides Warranty protection for New
Home buyers thru our Professional Builder Members. 

Our records for having the highest customer and builder satisfaction rates did not
occur by happenstance. Since our beginning in 2004, our goal has been to provide a
fresh and pleasant approach to this industry.

Our approach begins with:

  • Professional builder members providing quality services.
  • A comprehensive and effective member approval process.
  • Prompt, quality service, and streamline administration.
  • Friendly, easy builder access.
  • Canada's 1st online homeowner help line.

Our goal to provide the best quality service to builders and homeowners alike has
brought us to a number of firsts in Canada, such as our extended warranty coverage
for both pre-owned and new homes whose current one year latent defect warranty
has expired. See

LRWP actively supports its 500+ members and industry in its goal to achieve
excellence in construction standards and is recognized by CMHC for mortgage
approval purposes.

From all of us here at LRWP
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